Our Process

Appointment Preparation

For lasting result, please do not expose your lashes to water and oil-based products a few hours (2-3) before the appointment. If oil-free products were used, make-up removal is required to clean your lashes prior to your appointment. Please keep in mind that if you arrive to your appointment with eye make up on this may extend the length of your appointment time as it may take 15-30 minutes (depending on how much is applied) to thoroughly remove the eye makeup.

It is recommended that you plan your bath, shower, exercises and the like accordingly (also see Aftercare / Cleaning Instructions).

If you wear contact lenses, please plan on having them removed prior to your appointment.

Please send us a close up photo of your natural lashes if you would like to be pre-evaluated based on your eye type. Just send/text the photo to (832) 273-9957 or email us a photo to ladylashpro@icloud.com.

Your choice of eyelashes extensions include:
- Classic (Natural look) or Volume look
- Length
- Size
- Curl
- Whether you would like to have the top lashes, top and bottom lashes
- Glue type: Regular glue or Medical graded glue (sensitive eyes)

Regular Eye patch or Medical graded eye patch (sensitive skin) Please note in Appointment Preparation No. 4, if you are unsure about your choice, please send us a photo and it would be our pleasure to pre-evaluate / assist with guiding you through the process.

For a full set (top lashes only) appointment, allow 1.5 hours; For full set top , bottom, allow 2 hours; for lash removal, allow 30-45 minutes; for 2 week and 3 week refills, allow 45 minutes; for 4 week and 5 weeks refills, allow 1- 1.5 hours; for lash correction, allow 30 minutes.

For new customers, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment time for paperwork. Contact us at (832) 273-9957, if you have any additional questions.

After Appointment

Avoid water contact to your eyelashes in the next 24 - 48hours.

Avoid exposing your lashes to heat and sauna.

Avoid the use of oil-based products.

Two (2) days after the appointment, please follow up with us to give us an update on your lashes by sending a text or calling to (832) 273-9957.

Lash correction is free of charge (5) days after the appointment (for existing customers only).

The 2 week refill appointment is recommended for your first refills.